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IDM maintenance work: Problems with logging on to services (anstehend)
From: 20.04.2021 / 18:00
To: 20.04.2021 / 22:00
On Tuesday, April 20 2021, organizational units in the IDM will be adapted to the current organizational structure of the TU Dresden. This change will be transferred from the IDM to all accepting systems (usually directory services). Furthermore, the new organizational units have to be assigned to the user objects (ZIH logins). In the course of this update, affected ZIH logins may no longer be able to log on to services because the necessary authorizations have been revoked for the duration of the move.
Approximately 730 users of the following organizational units are affected:

- 10002676 [STP Baumaschinen (VDMA BuB/FVB)]
- 10002104 [Studienbüro Bereich GSW]
- 10000936 [P. Fluid-Mechatronische Systemtechnik]
- 10000540 [P. Neuroimaging]
- 10000503 [P. Neutronenspektroskopie kond. Materie]
- 10000502 [P. Physik der Quantenmaterialien]
- 10000635 [Dekanat Philosophische Fakultät]
- 10001345 [Internationales Hochschulinstitut (IHI)]
- 10001246 [Center f. Advanc.Electro. DD]

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