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FAL - Data main distributor currently without UPS support
From: 11.06.2021 / 14:00
To: 30.06.2021 / 15:52

In the main data distributor for the FAL, the air conditioning unit has been defective for approx. 1 week. Due to the constantly rising temperatures in the room, the UPS system had to be taken out of operation today to protect the... [mehr]

From: 12.05.2021 / 11:00
To: 30.06.2021 / 23:00

The migration of the mailboxes from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016 is currently in progress. When using MS Outlook, you may be asked to restart the programme. If other email programs do not automatically retrieve emails, please... [mehr]

Maintenance Centreon (anstehend)
From: 28.06.2021 / 08:00
To: 28.06.2021 / 09:00

On Monday the 28th of June, from 08:00 to approximately 09:00, maintenance work will be done on the centreon.

During the time period, the website won't be available. Also the host- and service-monitoring will be temporarily... [mehr]

Softwareupgrade Datacenter-Network - ACI Fabric LZR (anstehend)
From: 28.06.2021 / 16:00
To: 01.07.2021 / 22:00

Dear colleagues,

from Monday, 28.06.2021 to Thursday, 01.07.2021 software upgrades of the ACI-Fabric in the LZR are planned. The controllers and switches will be upgraded one after the other. The upgrade is urgently needed to... [mehr]

Firmware-Upgrade Firewall Marschnerstraße (anstehend)
From: 29.06.2021 / 06:00
To: 29.06.2021 / 09:00

​On 2021 June 21st from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. the firmware and software of the firewall system in the Marschnerstraße area will be upgraded. Some current hardware problems will be solved.

Because of the firewall's failover... [mehr]

Conversion/extension of optical platform (anstehend)
From: 05.07.2021 / 10:00
To: 30.09.2021 / 00:00

The optical platform of the TU Dresden is to be expanded for future requirements. To this end, a number of changes will be made to the sites connected via leased optical fibers over the next few months and optical components will... [mehr]

Maintenance work on the ticket system (anstehend)
From: 07.07.2021 / 07:00
To: 07.07.2021 / 10:00

On Wednesday, July 07 2021, the ticket system will not be available from 07:00am to 10:00am. Updates to the underlying operating system are necessary. In the course of the work, minor optimizations in the FAQ sections will also be... [mehr]

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