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Exchange Server maintenance work - brief outage of changing e-mail accounts
From: 12.01.2022 / 16:00
To: 21.01.2022 / 18:00

Due to scheduled maintenance work on individual Exchange servers, outages may occur with changing mail accounts.
The connection will be re-established automatically after a short time. Sending and receiving e-mails will be... [mehr]

Maintenance work concerning OPAL and Videocampus Sachsen (anstehend)
From: 18.01.2022 / 17:00
To: 18.01.2022 / 21:00

Due to an update of the central storage technology on the part of the BPS hosting service provider, there may be short-term delays in the response time on 18.01.2022 in the period from 17:00 - 21:00. The learning platform OPAL and... [mehr]

Update Videocampus Sachsen 20./21.01.2022 (anstehend)
From: 20.01.2022 / 17:00
To: 21.01.2022 / 15:00

On Friday, 21.01.2022, the Videocampus Sachsen will be updated to a new ViMP version between 5 a.m. and 3 p.m.. During this time, the Videocampus Sachsen (VCS) will not be available and all VCS media embedded in OPAL and other... [mehr]

Software updates on all decentralized firewalls of the ZIH (anstehend)
From: 25.01.2022 / 17:00
To: 01.02.2022 / 21:00

To adjust software versions and to mitigate vulnerabilities the software on all decentral firewalls needs to be updated. Following is the timeline for the routing areas:

Tuesday, 25 January 2022 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. :
-... [mehr]

Maintenance VoIP-system (anstehend)
From: 02.02.2022 / 09:00
To: 02.02.2022 / 14:00

Maintenance work is required in the VoIP system.
Due to the redundantly designed infrastructure, there should be no downtime in telephony. The telephones re-register several times on the redundancy servers, ongoing calls are not... [mehr]

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