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Maintenance work on the Hyper-V (beendet)
From: 21.07.2021 / 12:00
To: 22.07.2021 / 09:36

Due to maintenance work on the Hyper-V, the Remote Desktop Farm will no longer be available for teaching from around 12 noon.

verinice - maintenance work and software update on 21.07.2021 (beendet)
From: 21.07.2021 / 10:00
To: 21.07.2021 / 16:00

On Wednesday, 21.07.2021, from 10:00 - 16:00, the verinice server will be updated and maintained. During this time the system will not be available.
After completion of the work, only the latest version of the verinice client... [mehr]

Wartungsarbeiten am Ticketsystem (beendet)
From: 21.07.2021 / 07:00
To: 21.07.2021 / 08:00

Am Mittwoch, den 21.07.2021, finden Wartungsarbeiten am Ticketsystem statt. Es steht deshalb in der Zeit von 7:00 bis 8:00 Uhr nicht zur Verfügung.

Clock failure (beendet)
From: 19.07.2021 / 15:19
To: 20.07.2021 / 15:13

Many clocks in the core area show the time incorrectly due to a malfunction. A fix is currently being worked on.

Your VoIP/Telephone Team.

Maintenance work Exchange Cluster (beendet)
From: 13.07.2021 / 09:00
To: 19.07.2021 / 17:00

​​​​Due to scheduled maintenance on individual Exchange servers, there may be brief interruptions in the connection between the mail client and the server. The connection is automatically rebuilt after a short time. The... [mehr]

Service Desk unavailable on 15.07.2021 from 9:00 to 11:00 (beendet)
From: 15.07.2021 / 09:00
To: 15.07.2021 / 11:00

On Thursday, July 15 2021, the Service Desk will be unavailable by phone and in person from 9:00 to 11:00 am. Please send an email during this time.

Update: BigBlueButton (beendet)
From: 14.07.2021 / 06:00
To: 15.07.2021 / 10:00

On Wednesday, July 14, 2021 and on Thursday, July 15, 2021, the BigBlueButton servers of TU Dresden will be updated to the latest version 2.3.6 from 06:00 - 10:00 each day. During this time there will be less booking slots... [mehr]

Maintenance work on the ticket system (beendet)
From: 14.07.2021 / 07:00
To: 14.07.2021 / 08:00

On Wednesday, 14.07.2021, maintenance work will be carried out on the ticket system. Therefore, it will not be available from 7:00am to 8:00am.

Maintenance work Secure Mail Gateway on 13.07.2021 (beendet)
From: 13.07.2021 / 08:00
To: 13.07.2021 / 13:00

On Tuesday, 13.07.21, the Secure Mail Gateway (smgw.zih.tu-dresden.de) will not be available
from 8 am to 1 pm due to extensive maintenance work for the automated sending of digitally signed e-mails. If no unforeseen... [mehr]

Update: Registration problems with VoIP telephones (beendet)
From: 30.06.2021 / 00:00
To: 12.07.2021 / 18:00

There is currently a problem with the certificates of the VoIP telephones.
Most phones have now installed the new certificates and should no longer have any problems registering with the call manager.

An exception are the... [mehr]

Update of the invoice portal Classifier (beendet)
From: 08.07.2021 / 06:00
To: 12.07.2021 / 12:00

On Thursday, 08.07.2021, an update of the invoice portal Classifier
will be carried out. During the update, access to the web portal will not be possible.
We plan that the system will be available to you as usual by Monday... [mehr]

Softwareupgrade Datacenter-Network - ACI Fabric LZR (beendet)
From: 05.07.2021 / 16:00
To: 08.07.2021 / 21:00

From Monday, 05.07.2021 to Thursday, 08.07.2021 software upgrades of the ACI-Fabric in the LZR are planned. The controllers and switches will be upgraded one after the other. The upgrade is urgently needed to fix bugs and to use... [mehr]

Maintenance work on Jitsi video conferencing service (beendet)
From: 08.07.2021 / 05:00
To: 08.07.2021 / 08:00

The software of the Jitsi video conferencing service receives an update.
During this time the service will not be available.

Maintenance work on the Exchange servers (beendet)
From: 07.07.2021 / 16:00
To: 07.07.2021 / 23:30

Maintenance work is currently being carried out. As a result, individual Exchange servers may experience brief interruptions in the connection between the mail client and server. The connection will be re-established automatically... [mehr]

Greenbone Security Scanner malfunction (beendet)
From: 05.07.2021 / 13:54
To: 07.07.2021 / 13:54

The GSM server of the TU Dresden is currently subject to a malfunction. As a result, current scan results and rescans are not available via the self service portal. The TU Dresden is in contact with the responsible service... [mehr]

Maintenance work on the ticket system (beendet)
From: 07.07.2021 / 07:00
To: 07.07.2021 / 10:00

On Wednesday, July 07 2021, the ticket system will not be available from 07:00am to 10:00am. Updates to the underlying operating system are necessary. In the course of the work, minor optimizations in the FAQ sections will also be... [mehr]

Maintenance work on Exchange servers (beendet)
From: 05.07.2021 / 18:00
To: 06.07.2021 / 21:00

Maintenance work is currently being carried out. As a result, individual Exchange servers may experience brief interruptions in the connection between the mail client and server. The connection will be re-established automatically... [mehr]

Exchange: Delayed mail deliveries (beendet)
From: 05.07.2021 / 09:00
To: 05.07.2021 / 10:25

Currently there are delayed email deliveries. We are investigating the problem and will inform you when the issue is resolved.

Exchange-Migration (beendet)
From: 12.05.2021 / 11:00
To: 30.06.2021 / 23:00

The migration of the mailboxes from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016 is currently in progress. When using MS Outlook, you may be asked to restart the programme. If other email programs do not automatically retrieve emails, please... [mehr]

FAL - Data main distributor currently without UPS support (beendet)
From: 11.06.2021 / 14:00
To: 30.06.2021 / 15:52

In the main data distributor for the FAL, the air conditioning unit has been defective for approx. 1 week. Due to the constantly rising temperatures in the room, the UPS system had to be taken out of operation today to protect the... [mehr]

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