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WHB network and telephony down (beendet)
From: 29.06.2020 / 09:11
To: 29.06.2020 / 20:04

Since 27.06.2020 a part of the Werner Hartmann building is without data network and telephony. The reason is a defect UPS. The fault will be rectified this morning. After that, however, until the UPS is replaced, there is no... [mehr]

Störung MATRIX (beendet)
From: 26.06.2020 / 08:20
To: 27.06.2020 / 08:20

Bitte nutzen Sie den Workaround über den Browser, die Kollegen arbeiten
bereits daran, das Problem so schnell wie möglich zu beheben.
1. https://riot.im/app/#/welcome öffnen
2. "Anmelden" klicken
3.... [mehr]

Impairment of data network and telephony in the BZW (beendet)
From: 22.06.2020 / 06:00
To: 26.06.2020 / 20:00

At the BZW, in the week from 22.06.2020 to 26.06.2020 in the
data distribution rooms of the ZIH of Department 4 the legally required
Inspection of stationary electrical equipment carried out. As a result
this leads to temporary... [mehr]

Software download server rsoft.zih.tu-dresden.de not accessible (beendet)
From: 17.06.2020 / 14:00
To: 19.06.2020 / 16:35

The software download server rsoft.zih.tu-dresden.de is currently not available.
This is connected with a limited function of Campus Saxony (no ordering of Office for employees and Windows for employees possible). We're working... [mehr]

Störung GoToMeeting (beendet)
From: 17.06.2020 / 09:00
To: 19.06.2020 / 09:00

Aktuell ist GTM gestört. Das Problem liegt auf der Seite des Anbieters:
Der Anbieter ist informiert und arbeitet an der Beseitigung.

Access to Taurus possible again (beendet)
From: 14.05.2020 / 08:00
To: 18.06.2020 / 08:00

The service is available again for users in the campus network.

SharePoint currently not available (beendet)
From: 16.06.2020 / 08:00
To: 16.06.2020 / 10:00

At the moment the SharePoint of TU Dresden is not available. We are working on the elimination of the problem.

Update 9:50: The service is available again.

SharePoint currently not available (beendet)
From: 16.06.2020 / 08:00
To: 16.06.2020 / 10:00

At the moment the SharePoint of TU Dresden is not available. We are working on the elimination of the problem.

Update: 9:50 - SharePoint is available again.

Upgrade Operating system FusionForge (beendet)
From: 15.06.2020 / 13:00
To: 15.06.2020 / 16:00

​The operating system for FusionForge will be updated on June 15. The system will be down for 2-3 hours from 13:00.

Malfunctions ISDN (beendet)
From: 09.06.2020 / 13:27
To: 14.06.2020 / 23:59

Incoming external telephone numbers are displayed in the ISDN area with "telephone number unknown"

Call forwarding to the office does not work at present, if an external subscriber calls a TU number. There is no dial... [mehr]

Conditional switch-off of the Digital ID Card (Shibboleth) (beendet)
From: 03.06.2020 / 08:00
To: 12.06.2020 / 17:00

On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, the repeated request for permission to transmit data to TU-internal service providers (Digital ID Card) will be switched off. This means that consent will then only be required once when logging on to a... [mehr]

Maintenance work on VoIP System (beendet)
From: 10.06.2020 / 08:00
To: 10.06.2020 / 17:00

On 10.06.2020, maintenance work on the VoIP system will take place between 08:00 am and 03:00 pm.

The VoIP services will be taken over by the redundancy servers during this time. At the beginning and end of the work, the... [mehr]

Remote Support (ISL) only TLS 1.2 or higher (beendet)
From: 10.06.2020 / 08:00
To: 10.06.2020 / 10:00

​From June 10th 2020 on, connections to the ISL Conference Proxy Server rsupport.zih.tu-dresden.de will only be allowed with at least the security standard TLS 1.2. At the time of the changeover there may be a short downtime.

Maintenance work telephone system (beendet)
From: 03.06.2020 / 07:00
To: 04.06.2020 / 20:00

amendment 04.06.2020
Since this morning, there have been massive problems in going and coming official talks.
The talks break off after a short time or do not take place at all.
The fault is probably with the new provider.... [mehr]

ISDN Disruption Tatzberg BIOTEC (beendet)
From: 02.06.2020 / 16:20
To: 03.06.2020 / 20:00

Disruption Tatzberg BIOTEC

Due to a malfunction at the Tatzberg BIOTEC ISDN system, the telephony system has failed.
We will try to rectify the fault immediately.

Maintenance work on Exchange cluster (beendet)
From: 25.05.2020 / 09:00
To: 28.05.2020 / 17:00

Due to scheduled maintenance on individual Exchange servers, there may be brief interruptions in the connection between the mail client and the server. The connection is automatically rebuilt after a short time. The sending and... [mehr]

IDM-OpenLDAP-Serverfarm connections only with TLS 1.2 or higher (beendet)
From: 28.05.2020 / 09:00
To: 28.05.2020 / 12:00

After 28.05.2020, connections to the IDM-OpenLDAP-Serverfarm will only be allowed with the minimum security standard TLS 1.2. An emergency solution is already available for older applications. Admins of such applications should... [mehr]

Telephone Weberplatz (beendet)
From: 20.05.2020 / 11:19
To: 20.05.2020 / 20:00

Due to a troubleshooting in the telephone systeme Weberplatz failures may occur.

Data network failure BZW (beendet)
From: 18.05.2020 / 16:08
To: 19.05.2020 / 16:08

The data network and VoIP at the BZW are completely down. The
The cause is still unclear, but ZIH and a specialist company are on site for troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting of the ISDN system Weberplatz (beendet)
From: 11.05.2020 / 13:00
To: 13.05.2020 / 12:10

Due to a troubleshooting/repair of the old ISDN system Weberplatz, there may be several short interruptions in the telephony in the next few days.
Your VoIP team.

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