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Maintenance work on the ticket system on September 22 2021 (beendet)
From: 22.09.2021 / 07:00
To: 22.09.2021 / 08:00

On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, the ticket system will be unavailable from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. due to maintenance.

Jitsi conference disruption (beendet)
From: 21.09.2021 / 09:00
To: 21.09.2021 / 12:00

At present, it is not possible to use Jitsi. Creating a conference works, but it is not possible for additional people to join. Employees of TU Dresden can alternatively use BigBlueButton (https://bbb.tu-dresden.de).

Jitsi conference disruption (beendet)
From: 21.09.2021 / 09:00
To: 21.09.2021 / 09:51

At present, it is not possible to use Jitsi. Creating a conference works, but it is not possible for additional people to join. Employees of TU Dresden can alternatively use BigBlueButton (https://bbb.tu-dresden.de).

Self-service portal currently unavailable - BBB sessions unavailable (beendet)
From: 20.09.2021 / 13:10
To: 20.09.2021 / 15:10

Currently, some browsers cannot access the self service portal. As a result, users cannot request new services. Likewise, video conferencing via BigBlueButton cannot be used. We are working to resolve the issue.

Cloudstore Update - Downtime on Sep 14, 2021 (beendet)
From: 14.09.2021 / 08:00
To: 15.09.2021 / 10:00

The Cloudstore servers will be upgraded to Nextcloud version 21 and current operating system versions on Tuesday, 14.09.2021. The process will take place in several upgrade steps and will include database cleanup and... [mehr]

Troubleshooting telephone system on 15.9.2021 between 8-9 a.m. (beendet)
From: 15.09.2021 / 07:00
To: 15.09.2021 / 10:00

In the course of troubleshooting, electrical work will be performed on the telephone system serving the ZIN, MIE and HEI buildings and sports halls at Nöthn. Str..

Subject to unforeseen events, there will be no... [mehr]

HPC with limited availability after power failure (beendet)
From: 13.09.2021 / 14:00
To: 14.09.2021 / 12:00

As a result of a power outage, the HPC clusters were unavailable between 14:00 and 16:00 on Monday, September 13, 2021. Currently, the HPC nodes can be used again with restrictions. We are working on the full recovery.

SAP not available after power failure (beendet)
From: 13.09.2021 / 13:54
To: 14.09.2021 / 07:00

As a result of the power outage, SAP is currently undergoing a database check as a precautionary measure. The aim is to ensure that the data in the system is consistent. The system will be available again at the latest at the... [mehr]

Upgrade vCenter Enterprise Cloud / SAP / DMS (beendet)
From: 13.09.2021 / 15:00
To: 13.09.2021 / 19:00

On Monday, September 13, 2021 between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., the vCenter instance, which manages the hosts and virtual machines of the Enterprise Cloud at LZR as well as the virtualization environments of the SAP and document... [mehr]

LimeSurvey: Maintenance work on September 08, 2021 (beendet)
From: 08.09.2021 / 06:00
To: 08.09.2021 / 09:00

On Wednesday, September 08, 2021, Limesurvey will not be available between 06:00 and 09:00am due to maintenance.

Update certificate WLAN controller (beendet)
From: 07.09.2021 / 17:30
To: 07.09.2021 / 19:00

The PKI certificate for web-based user authentication in the WLAN - including SSID "VPN/WEB" - must be renewed. To do this, central components must be restarted and the WLAN will be down during this time.

The update... [mehr]

Limited network availability in Potthoffbau (beendet)
From: 17.08.2021 / 12:28
To: 06.09.2021 / 19:00

Due to a hardware failure of the central router of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, only wireless internet access (WLAN) is currently available in the Potthoffbau building.
A solution for the fixed network is already... [mehr]

verinice - maintenance work and software update on 06.09.2021 (beendet)
From: 06.09.2021 / 09:00
To: 06.09.2021 / 13:00

On Monday, September 06, 2021, an update of the verinice server will take place in the time from 9 am - 1 pm. Therefore, it will not be available during this time.

After this maintenance, users will have to update the verinice... [mehr]

VoIP-System Update SU10 (beendet)
From: 27.08.2021 / 07:30
To: 01.09.2021 / 23:00

​​A maintenance and security update is required for the VoIP system. For this purpose a "frozen zone" will be introduced on 27.08.2021. During this time, no changes will be made to the system. On 31.08.2021 and... [mehr]

Functional impairment of the double hour display for BBB bookings (beendet)
From: 30.08.2021 / 13:00
To: 01.09.2021 / 13:00

It is currently not possible to display the double lesson allocation of the BBB servers.
Therefore, the booking screen currently shows default values.
Bookings are possible without restriction, but a booking may be rejected due... [mehr]

Service Desk available on site on 31.08.2021 on a limited basis (beendet)
From: 31.08.2021 / 06:00
To: 31.08.2021 / 10:00

On Tuesday, August 31, 2021, the Service Desk will have limited on-site availability from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. as a result of a power shutdown. Telephone support will be maintained.

Self-service portal: BBB booking portal disrupted (beendet)
From: 30.08.2021 / 10:42
To: 30.08.2021 / 13:52

Due to a problem in the BBB booking system, no new bookings can be made for BBB at the moment. ZIH is working to correct the malfunction.

Maintenance work on the ticket system on August 25 2021 (beendet)
From: 25.08.2021 / 07:00
To: 25.08.2021 / 08:00

On Wednesday, August 25 2021, maintenance work on the machines of the ticket system is necessary. As a result, the ticket system will not be available between 07:00am and 08:00am.

Maintenance telephone system (beendet)
From: 19.08.2021 / 08:00
To: 19.08.2021 / 13:00

On 19.08.2021 maintenance work will be carried out on the VoIP telephone system.

In the period from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., there may be brief problems when calling up the Cisco Selfcare Portal or in Cisco Jabber.
Telephony is... [mehr]

L15 - Fault in data network (beendet)
From: 16.08.2021 / 09:27
To: 19.08.2021 / 09:38

Since 1:30 a.m. there is a malfunction in the L15. The cause is currently unknown, the investigation of the cause is currently not possible, because access is not guaranteed.

As soon as the access is enabled by the user, the... [mehr]

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