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Zoom migration to Zoom-X [Update] (beendet)
From: 01.04.2023 / 19:00
To: 02.04.2023 / 09:00
Zoom migration to Zoom-X
From Saturday, 01-APR-2023, 7 pm, to Sunnday, 02-APR-2023, 9am, the migration from Zoom to Zoom-X will take place.

*The service will be unavailable during this time for a minimum of 2-8 hours, no meetings can be held or planned, ongoing meetings will be interrupted.*

All saved virtual backgrounds will be deleted.

Invitations for meetings WITH telephone dial-in which are going to be held after 13-APR-23 need to be adjusted. Please add +49 69 389 805 96 . This will be the valid phone-number for the dial-in from 13-APR-23

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