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[Update] New eduroam CAT configuration (beendet)
From: 18.07.2023 / 10:00
To: 31.08.2023 / 12:00
[Update 20-JUL-23] In case of problems, please set up your connection again using the individual steps of your end device, download the certificate again when you are prompted to do so in the respective step:

On Tuesday, 18.07.2023, a new eduroam CAT configuration will be made available via cat.eduroam.org between 10 am and 12 pm. This contains the new certificate chain of the Sectigo CA for authentication in eduroam. WLAN devices that are configured using CAT from this point on will then receive the new configuration.

All devices configured for eduroam so far will continue to work, there is no need for action.

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