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Issuance of personal user and group certificates partially possible
From: 25.08.2023 / 08:57
To: 31.10.2023 / 18:00
The PKI-DFN for issuing personal user and group certificates has expired on 08/30/2023.

Status 27.09.2023: The issuing of user certificates via the Self Service Portal is available again, please use Chrome for this.

Status 26.09.2023: It is currently not possible to apply for a user certificate via the SSP; after an application has been made, the error message "Server error, please try again later" appears.

Status 14.09.2023 The issuing of user certificates via the Self Service Portal is available. Persons who have already completed an identity check in the past can now apply for a user certificate there. For persons who have not yet undergone an identity check, the identity check is carried out via the Service Desk or the decentralised persons authorised to check in the areas. This only applies to persons who are listed in the SAP as employees of the TU Dresden. This does not apply to pure guests, students without a SHK/WHK contract and UKD employees.

Status 04.09.2023 The issuance of server certificates via Sectigo is working again. The issuing of user and group certificates is still not possible.

Status 09/01/2023: The issuance of user, group and server certificates via Sectigo is currently not working, ACME shall not be affected.

Status 08/30/2023: Certificates applied for and approved via DFN-PKI until 08/29/2023 retain their validity for the entire term.
No new certificates can be applied for or approved via the previous procedures (paper application via DFN-PKI and EVAZert) from 30.08.2023.
From 01.09.2023, personal user certificates and group certificates for digital signature and encryption, including of e-mails, should be provided via the new provider Sectigo using a new procedure. Due to structural changes at Sectigo, it is not possible to issue user certificates and group certificates.
PINs already issued via the old procedure and new PINs issued from 30.08.2023 onwards will lose their effectiveness.

The issuance of Coupon IDs via the EVAZert interface is not affected by the disruption.

Information on how to proceed will be added here in due course.

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