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Maintenance of multiple HPC systems (beendet)
From: 04.12.2023 / 03:00
To: 12.12.2023 / 21:00
December 4+5, we will have a large downtime of these systems:

Barnard - and all new filesystems,
Alpha Centauri,
Romeo+Julia (in re-cabling),
These works will be done at that time:

1) Changes in the power-supply infrastructure
The installation of Barnard was done on the same space as Taurus (not our original plan!). We now have to play "Schiebefix" in the basement: After the dismantling of the GPU (K80) nodes and power-supply boxes, we now have room for the Alpha-Centauri boxes, and they make room for Barnard.

2) Update of Lustre file servers
This downtime is a window of opportunity for an update of the file servers to sustainably solve our stability problems. (Today, DDN and Bull are already installing a temporary fix.)
We apologize for these interruptions. We completely understand the difficult situation with the ongoing migration and a temporarily instable new filesystem. On the other hand, these adaptations in the infrastructure cannot wait much longer because they are prerequisites for the next steps to prepare our machine room for the coming systems.

With Barnard, we can offer much more computing power and storace capacity than before. And we hope to make working at our systems more efficient for you in the end.

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